sangita-singhThis blog is all about my experiences and journey from a job seeker to job provider. I am Sangita Singh, Owner and Director of GS Job Point, a revolutionary Hr Consultancy company.  I am an MBA- in HR and marketing and was working for an MNC with a nice in hand salary but I decided to leave the job and start something on my own.  It was my dream to build a name for myself and I knew that unless I give up a 9-5 job, I cannot realize my dream.

Finally, I decided to quit my job and started my HR consultancy company. Life was not very easy after quitting the job and many times I felt sad and broken but, endured and continued. Being able to  help someone to set a course for their careers by assisting them to get desired jobs provided a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling gave me the motivation and power that I needed to keep me going.

I still remember the days when candidates personally called and thanked me after they got the job. That was the feeling of satisfaction and pride and I put more energy and zeal into my work.

This blog is just a platform to share all my experiences with my readers, friends and fellow HR community.  You are encouraged to read my views and leave a comment about the post in this blog.

I have also written a book titled ‘How to start your own HR Consultancy Company?’ This book is a reference book for the emerging entrepreneurs who are planning to start their HR Consultancy or are new to the business. It also includes the mistakes that the amateurs might make and how to avoid those mistakes to ensure hurdle free functioning of the business.

The book is available for download through the following sources:

GS Jobpoint Consultancy Website (pdf)
www, (epub for ebook readers) for ebook readers) (for ebook readers and Kindle)