Many people have asked how to develop clients? Developing clients is is a secret strategy and different tricks works for different people.  Many people pitch clients over phone, many go and meet them and convert them, many people lure them by providing cheaper services and the list continues….. Something works for some people and the same thing does not work for others. This is a strategy which everyone learns by experience,  no body is going to disclose them. Its a human tendency, if someone is making money by using a trick why would he tell the world that he is making money that way. But i am going to disclose the secrets on my blog, no matter if it hurts me or creates a competition for me. I will write about all the secrets of making new clients yes i will disclose some  serious secrets also in the coming post.

What i feel that you should always start with tele calling. Tele calling is one of the best way to generate new clients fast. May be people will say tele calling is dead, but it isn’t. everyday transaction worth  billions of dollars are done on phone, so telle calling was never dead and will never be dead. What matters is how you call and whom you call.  Some of the points which should always keep in mind while doing telecalling:-

  1. Always be polite
  2. Sometimes it happens when we call a person he/she might be in meeting always ask for there availability otherwise they get irritated.Never irritate them, instead involve them,
  3. Contact the right person,If you are in HR consultancy try to contact HR manager or in charge of HR. Avoid contacting VP or CEO directly as if they reject you will have to forget the company. Rule of thumb, Start from bottom Up.
  4. Studies showed that  12:00 to 1:00 is the best time to contact new prospective clients,
  5. Whether they are interested in your service or not always ask for there email id so that you can forward your proposal to them. Sending a proposal to the person works, most of the time it has been seen that the proposal recahes the right person and you can get a call from them. Of course you have to make your proposal interesting.
  6. Be patience and be Positive.
  7. Try to make at least 150 calls everyday 🙂

Hope this  article helps in making you good at tele calling. The most important thing is to approach the right person at the right time. next post will tell you how to approach the right person. Till then bye bye and enjoy the blog. 🙂