10 Things you should know before appearing for the interview

Interview is the most important step for getting a job. I feel interview is more of a marketing strategy rather than just question answer round.  When a sales guy approaches  a prospect he tries to put all his punch in a first  meeting  to convert the prospect into a client. Same way i feel that the job seeker should think like marketing guy when he appears for the interview. He must know the art of selling himself to the company. A candidate must know how to sell his skills.

But most of the time,  candidate appears for the interview without proper preparation which results in bad impression along with the rejection of his candidature.

Interview is not something you should be afraid of, instead it’s a fun if you know how to tackle it. Few points you should keep in mind before appearing for the interview are:-

  1. Know about Job profile and responsibilities,
  2. Research about company and its services,
  3. Relax, smile and be polite,
  4. Listen carefully to the questions asked and Answer questions as directly as possible,
  5. Make Positive statements,
  6. Show examples if that fits the job and question,
  7. Ask yourself, why you are better than others for the job you are appearing for,
  8. Provide accurate information on your qualifications and interests
  9. Interview the interviewer (Ask Questions but be polite)
  10. Thank the interviewer when you leave and shake hands.

Hope these  tips will help you in your next interview. 🙂

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I am Sangita Singh, Owner and Director of GS Job Point, a revolutionary Hr Consultancy company. I am an MBA- in HR and marketing and was working for an MNC with a nice in hand salary but I decided to leave the job and start something on my own.