Are placement consultants over priced?

Many of the top companies hire placement consultants for assisting their recruitment process. However, many mid sized companies are afraid of hiring them.


They think that Hr consultants are over charged. But is this really true ?

This is certainly not true. Actually it has always been problem with HR’s and HR consultants that people think that they do not do any significant work. Their role in organization development is always overlooked. In india, HR is still considered to be an area which is not given appropriate importance.

Let’s talk from the point of view of an HR consultant here. Generally mid size companies think that consultants charge a lot just for providing a candidate but they fail to understand the work and time involved in the entire process.

The process starts right after receiving the job description (JD) from the client. Placement consultant follow a time consuming rigorous process:-

  • Understanding: Consultants generally takes appropriate time to understand the requirement.
  • Searching: Once the requirement is understood searching for the right candidate begins. Well, searching is not an easy task task. Good Consultants generally have access to multiple accesses to job portals. So when you search for a candidates you generally get thousands of resumes and you have to manually go through each of them to shortlist right candidates. This is totally a manual process where human intelligence is needed and it is very time consuming.
  • Calling: Next step is to call the candidates to know whether he is looking for a change or not, and if he is then a telephonic pre-screening interview is done. This again is a time and money consuming process.
  • Presentation: Most companies requires information about the candidate in a particular format and so after a candidate qualifies pre screening process, the data of the candidates in prepared to be sent in the company.
  • Arranging Interviews: Once the candidates have been shortlisted by companies , we arrange their interview with the candidate.
  • Followups: Continuous co-ordination and followups continues until and unless a position is filled.
  • Cost savings: Many times companies like the candidate but because of salary expectation of the candidate, they are not able to hire them. Placement consultants helps the companies in this regard by negotiating with the candidates on companies behalf and this is really fruitful.

Needless to say that this entire process is done for on an average of 20 candidates for a particular position. Generally mid sized companies does not know this and they think that hiring placement consultant is very costly. They fail to understand the entire process and the quality offered by genuine consultants.

It is really needed that small and mid sized companies should thought about the role and importance of HR’s and Hr consultants. It is the people which makes a company grow and Placement consultants help to get the right people for your organization.

I think placement consultants are a major role in organization’s and i certainly don’t think that they are over priced?

What do you say??

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I am Sangita Singh, Owner and Director of GS Job Point, a revolutionary Hr Consultancy company. I am an MBA- in HR and marketing and was working for an MNC with a nice in hand salary but I decided to leave the job and start something on my own.

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