Are placement consultants over priced?

Many of the top companies hire placement consultants for assisting their recruitment process. However, many mid sized companies are afraid of hiring them.


They think that Hr consultants are over charged. But is this really true ?

This is certainly not true. Actually it has always been problem with HR’s and HR consultants that people think that they do not do any significant work. Their role in organization development is always overlooked. In india, HR is still considered to be an area which is not given appropriate importance.

Let’s talk from the point of view of an HR consultant here. Generally mid size companies think that consultants charge a lot just for providing a candidate but they fail to understand the work and time involved in the entire process.

The process starts right after receiving the job description (JD) from the client. Placement consultant follow a time consuming rigorous process:-

  • Understanding: Consultants generally takes appropriate time to understand the requirement.
  • Searching: Once the requirement is understood searching for the right candidate begins. Well, searching is not an easy task task. Good Consultants generally have access to multiple accesses to job portals. So when you search for a candidates you generally get thousands of resumes and you have to manually go through each of them to shortlist right candidates. This is totally a manual process where human intelligence is needed and it is very time consuming.
  • Calling: Next step is to call the candidates to know whether he is looking for a change or not, and if he is then a telephonic pre-screening interview is done. This again is a time and money consuming process.
  • Presentation: Most companies requires information about the candidate in a particular format and so after a candidate qualifies pre screening process, the data of the candidates in prepared to be sent in the company.
  • Arranging Interviews: Once the candidates have been shortlisted by companies , we arrange their interview with the candidate.
  • Followups: Continuous co-ordination and followups continues until and unless a position is filled.
  • Cost savings: Many times companies like the candidate but because of salary expectation of the candidate, they are not able to hire them. Placement consultants helps the companies in this regard by negotiating with the candidates on companies behalf and this is really fruitful.

Needless to say that this entire process is done for on an average of 20 candidates for a particular position. Generally mid sized companies does not know this and they think that hiring placement consultant is very costly. They fail to understand the entire process and the quality offered by genuine consultants.

It is really needed that small and mid sized companies should thought about the role and importance of HR’s and Hr consultants. It is the people which makes a company grow and Placement consultants help to get the right people for your organization.

I think placement consultants are a major role in organization’s and i certainly don’t think that they are over priced?

What do you say??

Placement consultancy in Pune

GS Job Point is counted among top placement agency in Pune which has continuously brought innovation in the field of Placement and Recruitment.  It is our endeavor to provide quality candidates to the companies at a very affordable prices and thus help them in bringing down the cost of the recruitment for companies.

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Placement Consultancy For Lucknow

GS Job Point is counted among top Lucknow placement consultants which has continuously brought innovation in the field of Placement and Recruitment.  It is our endeavor to provide quality candidates to the companies and thus help them in bringing down the cost of the recruitment for companies.

Many companies in Lucknow has benefited from the consultancy services provided by GS Job point.  GS Job Point ensures that company gets nothing but the best suited candidates for their vacancy. Partnering with GS Job Point means better candidates, lowering costs and higher return on investment. Any company in Lucknow can avail the benefit of free consultancy by filling up the form below.
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Whats New At GS Job Point?

As everybody knows GS Job Point is just not another HR consultancy. Calling GS Job Point as just another HR consultancy will not be appropriate, of course we are HR consultancy firm but we are different. We are one of the best and most innovative HR Consultancy firm of India.

What makes us different is our friendly approach.  Unlike other Hr consultancy companies we think from company as well from candidates perspective. When we partner with any company, our main approach is  to bring down the costs of company and increases the productivity of the company. At the same time, we  work for the betterment of the candidates for their career growth.

I feel proud and can say proudly that we at GS Job Point do not work just for money but for the satisfaction and a social responsibility. I still remember the days when GS Job Popint provided free service for startup companies so that they can grow.  GS Job Point is not just about recruitment its about valued  relationship and partnership.

GS Job Point has always excelled in providing valued customer service because we feel the pains of our customers. We understand what clients need and what is the urgency of the situation. Its because of this we have launched membership plans for recruitment which is very very affordable for small to mid sized companies who wants to get quality candidates at a very affordable costs. We are the first to launch a membership plan for recruitment and we are very sure that it will definitely change the total recruitment scenario of recruitment’s in India. It will enable everybody to get quality candidates for their organizations.

More details about membership plans can be requested by sending a mail to or just by commenting on this page.

10 Things you should know before appearing for the interview

Interview is the most important step for getting a job. I feel interview is more of a marketing strategy rather than just question answer round.  When a sales guy approaches  a prospect he tries to put all his punch in a first  meeting  to convert the prospect into a client. Same way i feel that the job seeker should think like marketing guy when he appears for the interview. He must know the art of selling himself to the company. A candidate must know how to sell his skills.

But most of the time,  candidate appears for the interview without proper preparation which results in bad impression along with the rejection of his candidature.

Interview is not something you should be afraid of, instead it’s a fun if you know how to tackle it. Few points you should keep in mind before appearing for the interview are:-

  1. Know about Job profile and responsibilities,
  2. Research about company and its services,
  3. Relax, smile and be polite,
  4. Listen carefully to the questions asked and Answer questions as directly as possible,
  5. Make Positive statements,
  6. Show examples if that fits the job and question,
  7. Ask yourself, why you are better than others for the job you are appearing for,
  8. Provide accurate information on your qualifications and interests
  9. Interview the interviewer (Ask Questions but be polite)
  10. Thank the interviewer when you leave and shake hands.

Hope these  tips will help you in your next interview. 🙂

Is Honesty really the Best Policy?

HR consultancy is not something which you can compare with other businesses. Most of the HR consultants do not charge anything upfront and this has become a trend in the market.

I  still remember the days when i just started the company and was looking for some clients. Searching for new clients is always the harder part and it has become more difficult because of the level of competition that is present in the market.  Since i was all alone that time, I did a lot of research on how to get new clients for the company.

I tried all sort of things i.e. cold callings, references, email marketing, ppc advertising, seo, and other stuffs. Finally, i succeeded in getting my first client in the form of a trading company. Company was very small they required an account executive but it was my first requirement and i have read that no job is a small job.  I was excited,  i mailed the proposal and eagerly waited for their acceptance. They accepted it and they made a commitment they will pay the money after the opening is filled by us.  I asked for signed copy of the contract and an approval mail from them.

Although they did not send us the signed copy of contract, but they assured me that they will definitely make the payment once the position is filled. Since my company was quite new that time, i did not stuck to the contract thing after all words have some value in business. I happily arranged the interview and lined up 11 candidates but only 4candidates appeared for the interview. On the clients request, i lined up 18 candidates for the next day. The client shorlisted 2 candidates and offered job to one of them.

That was my first closing and i was happy about that. But that was not all, next day a called a candidate and she said that she cannot join the organization as they are giving little hike and want her to work  for a week before the job confirmation. It was really a tragic situation as trial hiring is really not acceptable to experienced candidates. I  made a call to concerned person he said that he will not appoint anyone without observing, i suggested him that he want an experienced person in that case its difficult for any candidate to work on trial basis who is already working somewhere. but the client got firmed on that.

That was my first client and i had to close the position anyhow. I took it as a challenge and spoke to lot  of candidates about the position and finally got few candidates. I gave a call to the client to make suitable arrangements for the interview and guess what… he said that that they have already hired a candidate from there reference.

My whole effort and hard work went in vain. But As a good service provider I asked him to contact me for any future requirement.  After a week i received a email from that candidate and when i called the candidate i came to know that she had actually joined the trading company that also without without any trial.  I instantly gave a call to the client but i was surprised at the fact the client denied that he hired any of our candidates.  It was total lie but i could not do anything. I was still shocked how a owner of the company can speak such a plain lie. This incident really made me think is Honesty really the best policy these days.

what I learnt from my first experience is:-

  • Ask the client for sign contract, or acceptance mail of agreement,
  • If the client is new, you can always ask for small upfront payment and observe his reaction.
  • Do regular followup from the Candidates,
  • Be professional, never go on words or promises as they are mostly for negotiation.
  • Always ask client to sign the copy of contract on his/her company letterhead

Hope you will be able to learn something from my mistakes.

Keep Smiling 🙂

How to start a HR Consultancy company

Starting a manpower consultancy company in India requires a bit of know hows. When i started i thought starting a company legally is going to be very time consuming with lot of  formalities.  Because most of my friends asked how i started mu company and requested to write a post on how to start a consultancy company, i am writing this post.

I will be very straight forward and will write the points in steps for better understanding.

1. Decide a name for your company: Deciding name for the company is very important as this is the brand for which you will be working for the rest of your life. You should like the name and you should be able to relate yourself to the company.

2. Buy a domain name: You should buy a domain name for your company. Its compulsory because no body would trust a company who doesn’t have a good website and domain name is very important for having a website. Domain names are cheap around Rs. 450 /year and you can register a domain easily from this link and you can even check whether you company name is available or not  by clicking this link?

3. Get your website Designed and Hosted: Next step is to get yourself a professional website design for your company. Designing could start from Rs. 7000 but i would recommend you to invest a little in website designing and hire a professional website design company . Professional design could cost you starting from Rs. 15,000 and basic Hosting for your website could cost you around Rs. 1000 per year.

4. Choose the type of company you want to open: Deciding which type of company you want to open is something which you have to do. There are 4 types of company which you can form in India.

  • Sole Proprietorship : A sole proprietorship also known as a sole trader, or simply proprietorship is a type of business entity which is owned and run by one individual and where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. All profits and all losses accrue to the owner . All assets of the business are owned by the proprietor and all debts of the business are his debts and he must pay them from his personal resources
  • Partnership: A partnership is a type of business entity in which partners (owners) share with each other the profits or losses of the business. Partnerships are often favored over corporations for taxation purposes, as the partnership structure does not generally incur a tax on profits before it is distributed to the partners
  • Private Limited: A private company is a type of company incorporated under the India. It has shareholders with limited liability and its shares may not be offered to the general public, unlike those of public limited companies
  • Public Limited: A public limited company  is a type of limited company in the India which is permitted to offer its shares to the public.

5. Starting as a sole proprietorship firm: If you are starting alone i recommend you to start as a sole proprietor, because its easy to start and total control is in your hands. There are not much formalities for this kind of firm, you just have to get a current account ready in your name and you are ready to do business. However, if you company turnover reaches 10 lakhs per year, you will have to register for service tax.

6. Open a current account in any Bank: Opening a current account is the most important part of business. If you are opening a sole proprietorship firm and have your service tax registration done, you can open account in any bank you want. But if you have not applied for service tax registration, you can opt for government banks to open the account. You can look for IDBI bank as opening current account is quite easy in that bank. For opening a current account you will need a company letterhead, Visiting card, and company stamp.

7. Buy naukri or monster login: You  have to buy naukri or monster login to supply candidates  to your clients. This is the costly part of consultancy business but you have to  buy this to get started. Naukri login costs around Rs. 60,000 for 3 months and monster is almost around Rs. 35,000 for 3 months. You can buy it anytime but i recommend you to buy it once you get your first client. Don’t forget to negotiate as who knows you can get a better deal.

8. You are ready to do the business. Just go ahead and start searching for clients.

Cheers 🙂

HR Consultancy Trend In Lucknow

Grass Always Looks Greener on the other side of the road!

After so much efforts and tiring work,  i started my own consultancy firm in Lucknow. Soon, i realized that it was not very easy to survive in Lucknow. Lucknow had its own consultancy trend, where the Job consultancy company charged money from the candidates instead of  the companies. I never liked this trend because i still remember the days when I was student. We were given limited money and it was very hard for us to pay membership fess to the job consultancies for jobs and sometimes we even fall prey to some of the fake consultancies who charged us money promising jobs but we never received interview calls from them.

I know how much it troubled me. Even after paying fee to many consultancies,  jobs weren’t guaranteed. What was guaranteed was just tension for jobs.  I wanted to do something, something  for the students.  I wanted to provide appropriate jobs for them without charging any fee from them. But it wasn’t so easy. When every consultancies charged money, and you decide not to charge any money from students you have to have some backup plans for survival.

Survival with the above decision was really tough, but not impossible.  Initially companies  were not wiling to partner with Gs Job Point for their Jobs requirements because GS Job Point charged them whereas  other companies did not charge them.  Many companies suggested us to charge money from candidates, but i was firm that GS Job Point will never charge money for jobs. from students.  Soon, Companies started realizing the difference between GS Job Point and other job consultancies and they started to come themselves to partner with us. In just one years time, GS Job Point was counted among the top consultancies of Lucknow

What i learnt is that Its important to have a vision for your company. I had the vision to help students and to change the trend that is prevalent in Lucknow. Although it takes a huge lot of patience to convert your vision into reality, Its always worth the effort. GS Job Point has already placed hundreds of students free of charge and will continue to do so even in the future.


Happy friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day to every  GS Job Point Visitor

Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year. The tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in US in 1935. Gradually the festival gained popularity and today Friendship Day is celebrated in large number of countries including India. On this day people spend time with their friends and express love for them. Exchange of Friendship Day Gifts like flowers, cards and wrist bands is a popular tradition of this occasion.


Friends are really one of the most important asset of any one’s life.  You are lucky even if you have only one good friend.  It does not matter if you have thousands of friends, what matters at the end of the day is whether you have any good friend or not? So, if you have any good friend, take the occasion to tell him how important he/she is for you.

bye bye  and take care.