We, GS Job Point, has started HR interview section with HR professionals from prestigious organizations, and we hope that our Interview Section will benefit the job seekers as well as the recruitment consultants. This time, we came across Mr.S.Sundararaman, HR Manager of L&T Construction (Buildings & Factories IC), who has rich experience of 27 years in Human Resource Field and we had a small conversation with him and the same is reproduced below :-

•Tell us about yourself ?
Basically a Commerce Graduate; did my PGD in PMIR & Labour Welfare; also did my PGD in Business Administration from Symbiosis, Pune. Has 3 decades of work experience. I am a person who would love to interact with others, especially young and upcoming students from professional institutions.

•How was your journey so far?
There have predictably been ups and down throughout; however, I must admit that the journey has been enjoyable and with lots of learning in the process.

•What is the most stressful thing that you usually face?
Some employees unable to have `work-life balance’ owing to work pressure among other reasons.

•Are there really lack of good opportunities for job seekers?
Not really. The candidates will really have to be smart. Good academic record coupled with GK and subject knowledge to grab the opportunity that would come their way.

•What do you think the reason of so much unemployment in the country?
One of the main reasons for so much unemployment is `lack of employability skills’ in most of the candidates across the country. Another reason of course is the increasing population.

•Do you think making a good resume really matters a lot in today’s scenario?
YES. Presenting oneself before the prospective employers is very significant.

•What tips would you like to give to candidates for making a nice resume?
There are so many helping hands available in the form of Internet, Senior and skilled professionals , friends and relatives, HODs and Professors, etc. to make out a nice Resume.

•Do you feel that getting a good job nowadays is more of an art rather than skill sets?
Desired skill sets combined with smartness in handling an interview would help in succeeding in an interview.

•Do you seek help from professional consulting agencies, if yes, what things matters most for empanelment?
YES. The agencies should have a clear understanding of the client’s man power requirements and fulfill the same truly professionally at all times to the maximum extent possible.

•What piece of advice would you like to give to job seekers and placement consultants?
Job seekers should keep their eyes and ears open to look and hear for possible openings, develop good net-working skills and most importantly, PREPARE themselves well with well-prepared Resume, common sense, sound subject knowledge and general knowledge (with updates), to excel in interviews.

Placement Consultants should have a clear understanding of the client’s manpower requirements, shortlist only the quality profiles (even if they are less in number), have a clear chat/interview with the prospective candidates and line them up for interviews without fail. Should render quality service to both the clients as well as the prospective candidates at all times, in order to achieve “win-win” situation.

•What is most satisfying thing for you?
Possessing job knowledge and job satisfaction in whatever thing I do professionally and whole-heartedly.

•GS Job Point really thank you for your contribution..
YOU are most welcome.