Making clients and  increasing profits are one of the safest kept secrets, which virtually no  would like you to know.  Everybody  wants to discover what the secret is ? But very few know em’all .  Everybody wonders about why a company is more profitable than another company and how they bring clients for themselves.

It is a general tendency to think that lower service fee  bags all the clients. But its not correct at all. We receive lots of queries regarding how to get clients and how to increases profits, so i am just sharing my views with you all hope it helps you out.

Generally their are many ways to do business development  work and every method works. It depends on how smartly you follow the procedures to get clients for you placement consultancy. If you are low on budget or just starting up, you can  follow these simple steps to attract your first client:-

  1. First decide which location you want to target i.e. do you want to provide recruitment in a city or want to provide recruitment all over India,
  2. Every company requires manpower but you have to target the companies which urgently requires the manpower,
  3. A good way to search for a company is jobs newspaper or newspaper advertisemet. A company who can afford a advertisement in a good newspaper can even afford HR consultancy,
  4. Contact details are generally provided in the advertisement, so contact the concerned person through that,
  5. Always prepare for face to face meeting as it builds relationship and trust and get the contract signed then and their.
  6. Once done, provide them best candidates in shortest possible time frame. Remember first impression counts.
  7. Once position is closed, meet them and ask for feedback and ask for references.
  8. Just do these steps and you will get many long term clients.

This is one of the most basic way  to  develop clients and this method always work. Presentation, confidence and convincing ability is most important, so give your best punch in the meeting.

Good Luck and All the best..