How to Approach right people for client building

In any Business , the most important part is Business development. And for clients development,   we have to approach the right people in an organization. Now the question is how to approach the right people ? In recruitment  we all know that the concerned person is HR person. The Human resource who are responsible for recruitment . Now comes how to approach them? it can be done by following ways:-

We can approach them through following ways:-

Social sites – Social sites are very useful in today times, there are lots of professional sites from where we can contact the Hr persons.

Cold calling:-Next thing is to make cold calling in Companies and ask for Hr persons .

Employment newspaper:- Employment newspaper is the another source from where we get the contact details of Hr persons.

Job Portals:- From Job Portals we come to know about requirements of company and through this information we can contact in company.

Hope this will help you to find some additional clients for your business .GS Job Point  wishes you a very happy and  prosperous New year Keep smiling……..

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GS Job Point Team wishes Happy and prosperous Deepawali

Diwali is about bonding, of ritual, of a belief that that good will always triumph over evil for dark night must always make way for morning friends always be positive  and keep smiling.GS Job Point  Wishing each one of you a very happy Diwali.

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Is your business stable?

Can anyone get Stability in business?   Where there is totally continuous growth and no loss? The answer is No, it is very difficult to achieve stability in today’s market scenario where there is lot of competition and advanced technology.

Now a day’s Stability is a big factor, even big organizations are struggling for it. it is something we can try to maintain .Business is full of uncertainty, Mostly it depends on external factors like customers choice, taste , budget etc .In economics we have read  about  PLC .i.e Prodct life cycle

The product life cycle describes the life of a product – from the day it first goes on sale to when it’s finally withdrawn from sale.

The Y-axis shows the sales of the product and the X-axis the time.

The product life cycle can be split into 5 sections (as shown on the graph):

Introduction – the initial launch of the product, sales will be slow and costs high.
Growth – sales start to increase as the product increases market share.
Maturity – growth in sales starts to slow until they eventually level out at a constant rate
Decline – sales begin to fall as new technology is released or consumer trends change.
Withdrawal – the product is eventually withdrawn from sale completely

The length of a products life cycle can vary – from weeks to centuries

Now the question is how we can maintain the stability?  It can be by

Innovation of new ideas or products.
Target wide Audience.
Updating yourself with advanced technology.
Most important always keep something from your Profit in buffer so that any uncertainty can not affect you anyways financially which is the most critical part.
Strong Marketing and Branding strategy.-I like tagline of an advertisement [...]

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HOPE – The life changing word..

You’ve gotta have hope.  Without hope life is meaningless.  Without hope life is meaning less and less.  ~Author Unknown

“Hope”, amazing four words, this word play very important role in ones life. I still remember the initial days of my firm  GS Job Point , those days were really very disappointing because that time I used to do the business development for my firm either through phone calls or emails and every time i used to get discouraging replies. Lots of time, I had to listen “we already lot of consultants empaneled with us so we don’t require you or we have our own recruitment process”. The more I heard that answer it made me lose faith and often forced me to rethink whether I have taken right decision to start this firm or not? I spent lots of sleepless nights thinking am i going wrong somewhere ?  May be there was a fear of failure because i had started with lots of enthusiasm and never wanted to fail. However, things were not in my favor but  still there was a little hope that i will get positive reply someday. I had that hope before making any cold call. There was always a hope when ever I made a new call , That HOPE kept me going and you know what i started receiving positive replies.

I am sure every entrepreneur must have faced this kind of ups and down in their journey. Some might have taken their feet back after facing some hurdles and some  might have moved forward with the Hope that they will definitely succeed.  Those  who hoped for success and became rigid to attain it [...]

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Wishing you all Happy Republic Day

Lets celebrate and salute the noble cause,
Its our Nation which is shining as it was,
Don’t forget the effort,
Make it movement of mass!!
Happy Republic Day to all.

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Best Wishes for the New Year


May this new year bring many opportunities to your way,to explore every joy of life  & may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm,turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.
Happy New Year to you & your loved ones.

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Happy Holi

Hello Friends,

Time has been moving so fast. It seems just few days back we celebrated happy new year and now its time to celebrate Holi.  Although there has been so much corruption news that came up in last few months, many tragic incidents happened with girls in northern India, Japan has been Hit. Corruptions, murders, Rapes, theft, natural calamity, blasts, Reactor crisis, tsunami etc….. So many bad things, but still life should go on.. I always celebrated occasions happily but this time i am really sad at the things that is happening in the world especially in India. But again Life should go on and that is why i am wishing  all the readers of GS Job Point and a very happy Holi to all… Enjoy, celebrate But Be RESPONSIBLE. But Please don’t be a viewer, we have seen that these days everybody has become self-centered, so don’t be self centered, help others take responsibility and than only you can expect help from others. Unite Together to Make India a better place.


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Best Wishes for the New Year

We wish to all our blog readers and Indian friends a happy and healthy New Year,May God fulfill all your wishes in wealth, health & happiness in your life.
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Wish You a Happy Diwali

GS Job Point Team wishes Happy and prosperous Deepawali to all our blog reader and friends.
On this auspicious occasion, we welcome all the people who want to get associated with GS Job Point in any form, who has talent and have enthusiasm to achieve anything  in life. You can contact us using the form below and  get associated with GS Job Point to achieve your ambitions and dreams in life.

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How to develop clients for HR Consultancy

Making clients and  increasing profits are one of the safest kept secrets, which virtually no  would like you to know.  Everybody  wants to discover what the secret is ? But very few know em’all .  Everybody wonders about why a company is more profitable than another company and how they bring clients for themselves.

It is a general tendency to think that lower service fee  bags all the clients. But its not correct at all. We receive lots of queries regarding how to get clients and how to increases profits, so i am just sharing my views with you all hope it helps you out.

Generally their are many ways to do business development  work and every method works. It depends on how smartly you follow the procedures to get clients for you placement consultancy. If you are low on budget or just starting up, you can  follow these simple steps to attract your first client:-

First decide which location you want to target i.e. do you want to provide recruitment in a city or want to provide recruitment all over India,
Every company requires manpower but you have to target the companies which urgently requires the manpower,
A good way to search for a company is jobs newspaper or newspaper advertisemet. A company who can afford a advertisement in a good newspaper can even afford HR consultancy,
Contact details are generally provided in the advertisement, so contact the concerned person through that,

Always prepare for face to face meeting as it builds relationship and trust and get the contract signed then and their.
Once done, provide them best candidates in shortest possible time frame. Remember first impression counts.
Once position is closed, meet them and ask for [...]

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