Wish you all Happy Independence day

We wish Happy Independence day to all our blog readers and Indian friends. Independence day is not just a holiday its more than day. So, Enjoy the  day and feel proud that you are an Indian. We also wish to convey on this occasion that try to be honest towards your country, do your duties honestly and help the people who need your help. Every bit counts in building this country a better place. Enjoy life to the fullest and help others to enjoy them as well.

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Shortcut For Success? Is It Correct?

Everyday we receive numerous requests on how to become a successful placement consultant and how to start a placement consultancy company.  In an information age a website is highly recommended, and so the first most important thing we feel is a website for any company.

We know everybody want a website, more appropriately a cheap website. But in search of a cheap website people go to such vendors who are technically sound enough to create something new for their clients. Most of the cheap website Designers do not know website designing at all. They just need money and thus they quote their clients blindly.

Our corporate site gets lots of praise and we get many clients because of good website design.  A good website design shows that a company is professional. We knew that our site is good and informational but we never knew this is so good that people start copying it.

Recently it came to our notice that a placement consultant has copied  our entire website. It is good that she liked our site but this is really not acceptable that someone copies our entire site images, content, text, file name, ideas, contact us page and everything.

I am attaching you few screenshot to get an idea of what she ( did….


We paid a nice amount to web company for the design development and content writing. It is something which we don’t want anybody to steal. It feels bad when we see that somebody knowingly does that.

As soon as we came to know about the incident that somebody copied our entire our full website for their company website and we contacted the company about the issue. Fortunately, the company accepted their fault and took their [...]

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Never Say Die

Never say die… What does this mean? Is this just another three words?

Just three words  but its incredibly tough, powerful and strong words. The above three words decides your attitude and its your attitude which is responsible for your success or failure.

I am quite sure most of you must have read these three words somewhere and many people might have advised you to follow the same.  However, there is a huge difference between advice and reality.  I also read it many times and decided that i will follow the same, but its not so easy.

I still remember the days when I left my job to make my identity.  Just like anybody, In beginning i was filled with  excitement and lots of  ideas. When i started, I felt everything was so easy. But the reality was something else. Starting a company is very easy but running is quite difficult. I though everything would be smooth but nothing was going as per my thinking  and plannings. I was totally lost and many times i felt like going back to the job.

Although i was depressed, there was something which was fueling me. That was my dream to make an identity for myself and make my parents feel proud of myself, that was my never say die attitude.  It was already more than 2 months and i did not have a single client. To add to my miseries i started my Hr consultancy at the time of recession, nobody was interested in my services. I contacted lot of client but no success.  But this did not stop me, i started with more energy the next day and finally started getting clients.

What i want to tell you that everybody [...]

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Legal Formalities for Starting HR consultancy

I receive lots of queries about legal formalities  required for starting HR Consultancy ? Actually, the answer  depends upon the type of  company you want to start. As i already wrote about it in my earlier post  How to start a HR Consultancy company, that there are four types of firms in India i.e.

Sole Proprietorship
Private Limited
Public Limited

The easiest and most affordable way to start a HR consultancy is to start it as a Sole Proprietorship firm.  For starting a proprietorship firm, you will need few documents as well.

Letter Head in the name of company
Visiting card
Company Rubber Stamp
Your PAN Card
Address Proof  (copy of telephone bill. Electricity bill)
Rent Agreement if you are running from rented premises
Service tax registration (optional)
Current account in the name of your firm in any bank, we prefer IDBI

It is always advised to have a website designed for your company as it boosts trust about your company in the market. You can even go for SEO as it will bring new customers to you through internet. You can also go for service tax registration, but is optional.  Service tax registration is only needed when your annual revenue is more than 10 lakhs.  For service tax registration you can contact any CA  and he will happy do service tax registration for you for  anything between Rs. 2500- Rs.3500.

If you want to open partnership firm for your HR consultancy, you will still need all the things above but in addition to that you will be needing copy of partnership deed. In partnership firm all the partners will be the owners of the company.

If you want to open a Private Limited company, you will be needing [...]

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Happy New Year

Wishing you lots of Happiness, Success, Love n Good health

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Is Honesty really the Best Policy?

HR consultancy is not something which you can compare with other businesses. Most of the HR consultants do not charge anything upfront and this has become a trend in the market.

I  still remember the days when i just started the company and was looking for some clients. Searching for new clients is always the harder part and it has become more difficult because of the level of competition that is present in the market.  Since i was all alone that time, I did a lot of research on how to get new clients for the company.

I tried all sort of things i.e. cold callings, references, email marketing, ppc advertising, seo, and other stuffs. Finally, i succeeded in getting my first client in the form of a trading company. Company was very small they required an account executive but it was my first requirement and i have read that no job is a small job.  I was excited,  i mailed the proposal and eagerly waited for their acceptance. They accepted it and they made a commitment they will pay the money after the opening is filled by us.  I asked for signed copy of the contract and an approval mail from them.

Although they did not send us the signed copy of contract, but they assured me that they will definitely make the payment once the position is filled. Since my company was quite new that time, i did not stuck to the contract thing after all words have some value in business. I happily arranged the interview and lined up 11 candidates but only 4candidates appeared for the interview. On the clients request, i lined up 18 candidates for the next day. The client shorlisted [...]

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HR Consultancy Trend In Lucknow

Grass Always Looks Greener on the other side of the road!

After so much efforts and tiring work,  i started my own consultancy firm in Lucknow. Soon, i realized that it was not very easy to survive in Lucknow. Lucknow had its own consultancy trend, where the Job consultancy company charged money from the candidates instead of  the companies. I never liked this trend because i still remember the days when I was student. We were given limited money and it was very hard for us to pay membership fess to the job consultancies for jobs and sometimes we even fall prey to some of the fake consultancies who charged us money promising jobs but we never received interview calls from them.

I know how much it troubled me. Even after paying fee to many consultancies,  jobs weren’t guaranteed. What was guaranteed was just tension for jobs.  I wanted to do something, something  for the students.  I wanted to provide appropriate jobs for them without charging any fee from them. But it wasn’t so easy. When every consultancies charged money, and you decide not to charge any money from students you have to have some backup plans for survival.

Survival with the above decision was really tough, but not impossible.  Initially companies  were not wiling to partner with Gs Job Point for their Jobs requirements because GS Job Point charged them whereas  other companies did not charge them.  Many companies suggested us to charge money from candidates, but i was firm that GS Job Point will never charge money for jobs. from students.  Soon, Companies started realizing the difference between GS Job Point and other job consultancies and they started to come themselves to partner with us. [...]

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Gs Job Point In Technorati


Wondering what is it? Just a claim code for claiming my blog on technorati. You too can claim your blog in technorati and enjoy your stay there.

Log on to to claim your blog, but don’t forget to add my blog to your technorati favorites. You can do so clicking the button below.

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Happy friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day to every  GS Job Point Visitor
Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year. The tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in US in 1935. Gradually the festival gained popularity and today Friendship Day is celebrated in large number of countries including India. On this day people spend time with their friends and express love for them. Exchange of Friendship Day Gifts like flowers, cards and wrist bands is a popular tradition of this occasion.

Friends are really one of the most important asset of any one’s life.  You are lucky even if you have only one good friend.  It does not matter if you have thousands of friends, what matters at the end of the day is whether you have any good friend or not? So, if you have any good friend, take the occasion to tell him how important he/she is for you.
bye bye  and take care.

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Journey as a consultant begins

Everybody has dreams. I also had. But what is required to convert dreams in reality is ACTION. Most people dream and they continue dreaming, I never wanted to be one of the them. So, I finally decided to quit my job and wrote a resignation letter to my boss. It took a huge lot of courage to write the resignation letter that time.

I finally took action to convert my dreams into reality. Taking action is always hard and it was very hard for me also because i was just another Joe in the classroom and i was always an average student. Most of my friends thought i was not capable of starting my own company and they always advised me not to give resignation. Many friends even told me that i was ruining my growing career. I thank all those friends for all the discouragement they gave me, because that made me more stronger than ever to go for my dreams.

I came back to Lucknow to start my own firm. As a beginner, I was quite tensed and confused on how to go ahead starting a company. I talked to my friends for help, some friends did not help and some ignored me so that i may not ask any help from them. It’s well said ” friend in need is friend indeed “. I realized the truth of the statement,  i was very confused and broke.

But i always believed in the almighty, I believed in him as i knew he will never let me down. When most of my friends did not help, some of my friends  whom i  have never expected came forward to help me out. they are  still with [...]

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