Bill Gates once said “It is the people with whom you work with, that makes a difference”. People are the power behind any company, it’s the employees of the companies which helps a company grow. This signifies the importance of hiring a good and right candidate for an organization.  Employees are the real assets of any company, that is why most of the bigger companies does everything to retain a good candidate.

Globalization has increased the demands for manpower. Selecting and Hiring a right employee has always been a challenge. It still is a challenge, that is why majority of companies hire  placement consultant for hiring the right candidate for their organization.

But the question is whether hiring a placement consultancy really a worth?

As a placement consultant myself, i definitely think its worth hiring a placement consultant. It is not that i am biased. I personally feel that hiring placement consultancy has many benefits.

  • Placement consultant takes off recruitment work load from the Overloaded company HR’s, (i know many people think that HR are just show pieces and does not do any work, but they are seriously wrong 🙂 )
  • Placement consultant does the initial screening of the candidate thus saving the precious time of HR personnel,
  • Placement consultants have access to job portals like naukri, monster, timejobs thus ensuring that best quality candidates are available for the company,
  • Placement consultants co-ordinates with candidates from beginning to the end thus company HR’s can focus on other important work,
  • Placement consultants can perform reference check to assure the authenticity of the details mentioned by the candidates,
  • Placement consultants generally give 3 months of free replacement of candidates in case the candidate leaves the organization,

Thus i feel that the consultant take cares of all the main factors like searching,  pre screening, co-ordination, Quality, Authenticity and also saves times of the HR consultant. This makes me feel that HR consultant is really an asset for the company and can significantly help in the growth of the company.

This is my personal view but i would definetely like to know from the point of a company HR. I would appreciate if you can comment whether you really feel consultants is really worth for a company or not?


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