Not getting clients for HR consultancy?

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Dear friends, with this note let me wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New year, May this year bring lots of happiness and success in your professional and personal life. This is the perfect platform to share my happiness and Thank you all for such an overwhelming respond to my book “How to start HR Consultancy Company” which helped me to sold more than 100 copies.
In past few weeks, I have received certain calls and emails stating
“Not getting clients for Hr consultancy even after doing numerous calls to the hr persons and mailing our proposal to them. We don’t receive any revert from them and on follow-ups they tell us that we will contact you once we have any opening but we never get any mail”
Every business has its ups and downs but it doesn’t mean the situation will remain the same. What it just need is a ray of hope and go for it, keep contacting the HR personals through cold calling and emails. If they are no response, don’t be disheartened, there can be many reasons behind it:-
• It might be possible they already have lots of consultants empanelled with them and they don’t want to add more, but they want you to keep in pipeline for future bulk requirement
• These days Companies are focusing more on revenue side or can say on business target by limiting their budgets due to economic crises
• The company may be going through restructuring process
So with such reasons, one can just keep up the faith for good times and trust me if you have faith success is never too far .In my earlier posts I have already written “how to get clients for Hr consultancy” you can use that suggestions and beside this I am mentioning some more tips i.e.
 References matters a lot so, if you have any references use it .You may have HR’s in your friend circle, seniors and industry experts; ask them to help you or give your reference in any company as HR recruitment firm
 Get active on professional sites like LinkedIn, Cite HR etc. get connected with HR personals and then approach them with your presentable proposal
 Some companies put there openings on job portals, you can have an idea about their openings from there and speak to them
Remember lots of companies are getting registered everyday and they all require manpower for their firm to run it efficiently, effectively and here you have to search them. So be positive and keep trying.
Hope this Post prove to be helpful to you all .if not please share your views so that we can address it in my upcoming post. We truly value and Appreciate your comments and queries.

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I am Sangita Singh, Owner and Director of GS Job Point, a revolutionary Hr Consultancy company. I am an MBA- in HR and marketing and was working for an MNC with a nice in hand salary but I decided to leave the job and start something on my own.

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