GSJobPoint completed 10 years -My Journey Over the Years

Hi! Since long I wanted to share my professional and personal stint with my readers but according to me the moment right now is perfect, as recently on 6th of October my company “GS JobPoint” completed 10 years…. yes ten long years. The time may be long but the memories of my initial days are still fresh in my mind when I started this recruitment business with no backups, not a single client or contacts.

I still very well remember that it took two months for me to get my first client and the payment I received was of Rs12,900. The amount was not huge but was enough to motivate me and inspired me to give my best at every step to harness its effects later on. The second payment was also meager, amounting to Rs3,750 only but my will and determination were strong that strengthen me to move ahead. Complete one year was full of challenges, having just 3-4 clients among which two of the clients did not make an effort to pay. However, it was a learning experience for me that taught me to work with a proper agreement with the client.

To move ahead with my HR consultancy and recruitment business, I wrote a blog on “How to Start an HR Consultancy Company”, which received great reviews by readers. The blog post was read by more than one-lakh people and was shared on various other sites. My happiness seems no bound on realizing the fact that my thoughts and views have been appreciated by so many people and I am successful in sharing my experience with others.

From second year onward i.e. the year 2010, I researched a lot and tried multiple things in order to increase my customer-base, which was certainly required for my survival in the business. Though I managed to receive some good clients in this year still things were not so easy. In spite of giving my best and putting a lot of efforts, the end result was not as expected, as clients used to put the positions on hold and my effort would completely go in vain. However, I realised that it is the part of my business and I need to move ahead keeping such instances at the back of my mind. Things started to move on slowly.

In the year 2011 i.e. in third year I felt a need of a helping hand and I hire my first employee as a trainee. My work was expanding and she proves to be of big help for me. To meet my work requirements I hired two more employees, as my clients were increasing. A client from Mumbai hired our service and the best part was that the clients were happy and delighted with our work. Things were  moving on and I also started getting calls  for suggestion on setting-up HR Consultancy firm. I was happy to share my suggestions and views which filled me with pride.

In the fourth year i.e. 2012 I received a call from a candidate who wanted to have my franchise but after a few talks we ended up working together in partnership. He was quite good in BD and I thoroughly guided him, as he was from a completely different background. Under my guidance, he excelled and I kept him suggesting on diverse issues as well as on BD. Suddenly and shockingly he parted his ways without any intimation, which really disturbed me to the core. If he would have informed me and move on then it would have not hurt me so much, as I have always helped people who wish to start something on their own. It was more painful to me because I helped him a lot and in return he betrayed me. This was another learning experience for me.

In the due course of time I received first MNC company as a client and this time the luck was completely favouring me. Now I was associated with five recruiters and I have always believed in quality over quantity. I was receiving a lot of calls by this time for consultation on starting an HR and recruitment firm. It greatly influenced me to write a book on “How to Start HR Consultancy Company”. Surprisingly the book received good reviews and 200 copies of it were sold online. In this year only I introduced a membership plan for my client.

In the year 2013 things were smoothly moving but I suffered a huge loss with the sudden demise of my Mom with whom I use to share my room. It was then I realised that I was so busy with my work that I hardly spent time with her. She was quite understanding and would get extremely happy seeing my cheques, which I use to received for my work. It was after her demise I realised that in my early days how I used to hug her and express my love by saying “Maa I love you” but as I grew up I hardly showed any love and affection to her, which I now greatly regret. After her death, I am desperately missing her and want her back in my life to tell her that how much i love her and she is my strength. Even my work got affected, as I was badly missing her. This was the most difficult phase of my life.

In the year 2014 I got married but by professional endeavour was also moving side by side, as there as was an urge to move ahead in my business. Things were moving smoothly with new clients, more work that resulted in an increased turnover. Everything was turning out to be good and the best part was that I was receiving complete support of my husband. I wrote the second edition of my book “How to Start HR Consultancy Company” successfully and sold its 1000 copies.

In 2015 I was blessed with a son and my life was full of happiness that also brought responsibilities in my life. I tried to perfectly manage my personal and professional life and introduced resume building service along with HR and recruitment consultancy.

In 2016 things were smoothly moving ahead with some more new clients, as we were hired for offline campus placement by Times Group (Aajtak) for the very first time. But in the mid of the year, another tragedy gripped me and I came to know that my only brother is suffering from a brain tumour. Suddenly things became so dark for me that I was unable to come to my term. My brother was very close to me . He was my friend, advisor, well-wisher as well as a motivator. My positivity helped me to stay hopeful and I was sure that things will be fine again. During my difficult phase, I got immense support from my clients, who allowed me to take care of my brother and they coordinated with my team in my absence. My work was completely left on my team, as I was accompanying my brother in the hospital. One day I came to know that baring one, all my employees have resigned. I was completely devastated that at the time when I needed their full support they have left. Anyway, they were not aware of my problem, as I never shared about it with them. With only one teammate left, I asked her for fresh hiring and we got a new team. Though at the end of the year I lost my brother and my entire family was grief-stricken. I lost my dear brother and it was certainly the worst year for me.

In 2017 i.e. ninth year our client-base tremendously increased with several MNC and renowned clients associated with us. It is in this year that we decided to also start with campus placement along with training and development, as we were receiving a lot of queries.

The current year i.e. 2018 is our tenth year. Our recruitment business is smoothly moving with the regular addition of new clients in the existing one. We also have renowned colleges on board for campus placement as well as a lot of offers for campus placement.

Our ten years journey has witnessed several ups and downs. still have a long way to go………..

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