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GS Job Point always tried to bring new things which can prove to be helpful for the society.Here we have launched the interview section with Hr personal from prestigious organizations.The motto is to help the job seekers and recruitment consultants so that they can get an idea about the requirement of today’s trend. We came across with Amit Sharma Deputy Vice President- HR with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited and had a small conversation which states below

Amit Sharma

Tell us about yourself
I am a HR Professional with experience of 12 years. My expertise lies in Strategic HR Planning, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, and Organizational Development. I have expertise in handling startup businesses
How was your journey so far?
I had come to Mumbai in 2001 and since then every day has been a new learning experience.
I had started my career with a consulting firm as Process Executive. I have also worked with BPO and Advertising and Production Companies. Currently I work with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. as Deputy Vice President – Human Resources; it’s been almost 6 years with ZEEL and considering the growth, learning and exposure its has been a phenomenal journey. I have seen almost all the facets of the business be it traditional media in the domestic market; new media (internet and mobile) or international business. I also got exposure to other new and emerging businesses of the group like education, retail, investment and wellness.
What is the most stressful thing that you usually face?
HR, like any profession, has a unique set of challenges and stresses. Its generally a huge challenge dealing with a workforce that is disengaged.
With the increase in complexities in business and function in the current scenario we come up with new business and have to close some businesses which are not doing good. It’s generally not easy to balance being an employee advocate with being accountable to business metrics. I would say the main sources of my stress are layoffs, right-sizing and trying to get the most efficient use out of your talent.”
Are there really lack of good opportunities for job seekers?
No it’s the other way round; it’s difficult the get the perfect fit for the role.
What do you think the reason of so much unemployment in the country?
Lack of talent in the people
Do you think making a good resume really matters a lot in today’s scenario?
Yes it really matters because that is your first impression however it should always be realistic and the candidate should be able to explain what is mentioned in the resume.
What tips would you like to give to candidates for making a nice resume?
The resume should always be drafted for the role / position that you are applying for rather than being generic. It should highlight the required competencies, skills and experience required for the role.
Do you seek help from professional consulting agencies, if yes, what things matters most for empanelment?
No we have an internal talent acquisition team
What piece of advice would you like to give to job seekers and placement consultants?
Jobseekers should not just sit and wait for their dream job but create a position for themselves in the organization. They need to be champions in their field at the same time they should competent, passionate, motivated about the role. They need to leverage on their strengths and talents rather that working on their areas of improvement.
They need to be more active on the social media / communities.

What is most satisfying thing for you?
I love challenging myself to take new and complex assignments and delivering on the same; it also provides a lot of learning opportunity. It’s quite satisfactory when I am able to achieve theorganizational objective by managing the workforce and partnering the business.

GS Job Point really thank you for your contribution.

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  1. I just want to ask the HR person from ZEE that If some one from inside the channel(to whom he knows very well)suggest somebody’s name for a job,What he answer always? Is there talent team actually selecting the right talent or just they goes through resume??? How many interview they conduct each month? These are simple questions..I hope,I will get answer.

    July 4, 2013, 11:09 am