GS Job Point’s (GSJP) mission is simple and straightforward: GSJP exists to provide fast and reliable screening and recruiting assistance to Small and Mid sized companies. What sets us apart from others is, our personal attention for fulfillment of your company’s requirements.

our Training and Development


Training aims at providing and developing the skills of candidates and professionals in order to help them do their work better and in a more efficient way. GS Job Point provides Training and Development Service for Corporates and Management and Engineering Candidates. By providing the relevant training, we aim at informing the participants to develop their skills and behaviors and ultimately help them to improve their effectiveness at work.

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Importance of training?

A training program allows the employees to develop the skills he needs to improve to perform his duties properly. Proper training allows organization to strengthen and improve its employees who can work as team or independently and help and support their peers and thus add to overall organization’s strength. Employees who are competent and ‘on the top’ of changing industry standards help an organization hold a lead position and as a strong competitor in the industry.

Why Us?

Our training methods have been developed by professionals who have vast experience of working in their respective domains. The training provided covers not only the work the candidates has to do but, also the soft skills to develop their overall persona so that they can carry themselves better in the professional world.

Every educational institution wants to achieve a 100% placement record but, they often fail in providing the skills that the companies require their employees to have. Through our training and development programs, we aim at developing in the candidates, the skills that would enable them to get the desired jobs in the industry or company of their choice.

We also conduct the training and development programs for corporates. We try to partner with our clients in such a way that we can help them in developing the skills required for meeting the needs of growth of company.

A well trained workforce that is experienced and competitive adds to the productivity and profitability of the company. Well trained employees updates with the ever changing knowledge and skills provides a competitive advantage to an organization.

Allowing employees to acquire new skills, expertise and qualifications supports employee progression which leads to increased motivation and eventually increased retention.

Currently, there is a shortage of trained and skilled workforce in every sector of industry in developing economies like India. GS Job Point aims at shortening this gap between the demand and supply of well trained and motivated employees.

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