How HR consultancy can tackle coronavirus disease pandemic situation
How HR consultancy can tackle coronavirus disease pandemic situation

Covid-19 pandemic is the worst thing which every country is facing . It has affected each and every one’s life somehow.
If we talk about HR consultancy ,clients slowed their hiring process in the month of March ,that time they were not aware that it will extend so much and finally they freezed hiring in April first week due to increased cases . Few IT companies were giving the requirements but there hiring process was very slow. Pending payments are on hold,no closures and no income. In this scenario we are forced to stop our work .

Now question is what we can do in this situation? I have mentioned some points ,which will going to help once situation improves:-

1)Be active on social sites like Linkedin,Facebook ,Twitter etc. we can utilize this time by doing our company branding and good part is people are free these days and they will notice it.

2)Be in touch with clients not necessarlily for work but to ask how they are doing.

3)Be Postive, things will be fine and hiring will be in full fledge. as many companies laid off there employees and they will be requiring people to work once situation gets better.

4)Last but not the least Devlop your skills .It can be recruitment, promoting your company online etc

Hope these tips will help you , keep smiling and remember your life is more important than work so Stay safe.

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  1. Now beware of corona virus. So this tips to very helpful for HR team. Social media sites engagement and online interviewing and much more. This blog is very helpful for HR consultancy.

    August 23, 2021, 2:15 pm


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