• How HR consultancy can tackle coronavirus disease pandemic situation
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    How HR consultancy can tackle coronavirus disease pandemic situation

How HR consultancy can tackle coronavirus disease pandemic situation

Covid-19 pandemic is the worst thing which every country is facing . It has affected each and every one’s life somehow.If we talk about HR consultancy ,clients slowed their hiring process in the month of March ,that time they were not aware that it will extend so much and finally they freezed hiring in April first week due to increased cases . Few IT companies were giving the requirements but there hiring process was very slow. Pending payments are on hold,no closures and no income. In this scenario we are forced to stop our work .

Now question is what we can do in this situation? I have mentioned some points ,which will going to help once situation improves:-

1)Be active on social sites like Linkedin,Facebook ,Twitter etc. we can utilize this time by doing our company branding and good part is people are free these days and they will notice it.

2)Be in touch with clients not necessarlily for work but to ask how they are doing.

3)Be Postive, things will be fine and hiring will be in full fledge. as many companies laid off there employees and they will be requiring people to work once situation gets better.

4)Last but not the least Devlop your skills .It can be recruitment, promoting your company online etc

Hope these tips will help you , keep smiling and remember your life is more important than work so Stay safe.


Hello Friends ,I have not updated my blog since long ,infact my site was hacked and I lost my control over it . It has taken many weeks to get the problem resolved with lot of stress so please be careful .I don’t even understand what they get from this kind of stuff and giving extreme pain to others by their Hacking activities, Hope they realize it.

Now a days we all are in our homes because of coronavirus and it has affected our work ,thinking and lifestyle. Due to Covid 19 most of my friends has been laid off from the job .The worst part is in spite of being a HR consultant I am not able to help them in this tough time because of market scenario . I forwarded their resume in companies and got the same answer that wait till situation get better.

I keep telling them that don’t lose hope things will not be the same . I think today the most important thing is HOPE which keep reminding us that things will get well soon….. I would like to share a poem which I found while surfing internet .


What career is perfect for me?

What career is perfect for me?
“What career is best for me?” is a question that make most of us sweat and often takes our mind into hyper drive. Most of the time, our careers are preset by our parents and most of us walk the path to become what their parents have planned for them. But there are also who cannot decide which career is best for them. They bang their heads on walls trying to find out the answer, or try experimenting with different professions to find what they are best at. The result is that they either end up being frustrated or stuck in a profession that they would otherwise not even think of, had they had a choice.

Which is the best profession?
Which is the highest paying job?
What shall I do after my graduation or MBA? etc.

These questions are all linked. There is no such thing as a best profession or a perfect job or a highest job. It all depends on the individual and his inclinations towards the profession. And as for the question of highest paid job is concerned, it only depends upon the individual’s choice of what he wants in life. The answer to the question of best career depends on the individual’s choices.

Do what you love

In the words of a great scholar Confucius ,“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”. Loving what you do is the key to happiness and harmony at your work or doing what you love to do and converting it into a choice of a career will make your professional journey all a playground. You will never get [...]

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How to find Best HR consultancy Services

Over the years HR consultancy services have grown across every nook and corner in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. Now, this makes the market competitive but on other hand, people or companies looking for HR consultancy services find it difficult to reach the most trusted one. So, how do they determine and find the best suited HR consultancy services.

Hiring an HR consulting firm can be a great idea for your business if you choose the right partners. A right choice can uplift your organization as well as increase ROI. Outsourcing HR services is a big decision for any business be it enterprise or a start-up. A reputed consulting firm can ensure that your company rises to meet the challenges successfully and proficiently. Let us share some critical factors that you should always keep in mind before hiring an HR consulting firm in Delhi NCR and other parts of India.

Team Expertise

 Don’t just go by the “Face Value” rather
evaluate the expertise of actual execution and operational excellence. A good
team with expertise can always pull up any required assignment. Only a team of
experts with years of experience can deliver better outcomes with quick
turn-around time.

Domain Experience

Experience matters at every
step; more relevance assures peace of mind as you can rely on their past track
record. Always check that the team which is going to work for you has expertise
and experience for your domain. You may like to ask if the consultancy has ever
served similar industry in the past or if given a new industry requirement how
do they go about it.

Knowledge of Industry Trends

Any reputed HR consultancy, placement agency or manpower services in Delhi NCR, will always follow [...]

Why Corporates & Start-ups need HR Consulting Services

Be it a startup or an established firm, every business across India wants to increase ROI. Outsourcing HR placement and recruitment services to an effective HR consulting company might be the best way to get best resources on-board in quick time. Such business decision at right time can save both money as well as time. Here are some most significant reasons why corporates looking for HR Consulting services in Delhi should hire a consulting firm with years of expertise.

A cost-effective idea:

Hiring an HR consultancy firm can be a very cost-effective idea for a business. If you own a startup or a small business, then it would be more cost-effective to outsource your HR services rather than appointing your own HR staff with no real future set of recruitment work. A complete process of appointing a staff, starting from interviewing to hiring to conducting training can be costly. Additionally, outsourcing HR services give you access to professionals who are highly skilled and well experienced, and can handle different HR situations better while assuring the delivery of exact manpower requirement.

The advantage of

An experienced HR staff from a renowned HR consultancy can solve most of the difficult issues of your HR function efficiently with better accuracy in mapping the requirement. Be it advising management, recommending solutions, developing, revising, implementing HR policies, preparing and analyzing reports or requirement, everything can be a regular process for an established HR consulting firm. So, why to take a chance and form your own team at the initial stage.

Employee Development

If you choose a preferred HR consultancy firm, they can help you with better development of your employees. With strategic plans, they can help your employees to improve their performance while [...]

Hiring a Team of Big Data Experts for a top notch Software company: Case Study: October 2018



About the Client:

Our client is one of the most renowned names in Software industry for BFSI software products and app

The Challenge:

With growing demand and change in trend our client was looking for transformation while they had huge data sets to deal with. As a preferred HR placement consultancy in Mumbai, we had a requirement of hiring six big data experts from Senior to Mid Management level professionals.

Since, the requirement was too specific with complex set of technical requirement it was a tough ask to get right candidates within the span of a week.

The Solution:

Team at GS Job Point in Mumbai analysed the requirement in details to determine the best strategy and model that would work out best within the agreed time span.

With huge database in place with top quality resumes it was not too late before our team had a list ready for screening. Having technical recruitment experts in Mumbai, GS Job Point easily contacted the right set of candidates, who were exactly meeting the requirement of our client.

The Result:

Being one of the best HR manpower consultancy in Mumbai; we at GS job point once again delivered services which resulted 100% satisfaction as out of eleven candidates six were selected and HR team at client side was more than happy to save their crucial time and get the candidates on board within just five working days.


Contact our experts now:

E-mail: contact@gsjobpoint.com


GSJobPoint completed 10 years -My Journey Over the Years

Hi! Since long I wanted to share my professional and personal stint with my readers but according to me the moment right now is perfect, as recently on 6th of October my company “GS JobPoint” completed 10 years…. yes ten long years. The time may be long but the memories of my initial days are still fresh in my mind when I started this recruitment business with no backups, not a single client or contacts.

I still very well remember that it took two months for me to get my first client and the payment I received was of Rs12,900. The amount was not huge but was enough to motivate me and inspired me to give my best at every step to harness its effects later on. The second payment was also meager, amounting to Rs3,750 only but my will and determination were strong that strengthen me to move ahead. Complete one year was full of challenges, having just 3-4 clients among which two of the clients did not make an effort to pay. However, it was a learning experience for me that taught me to work with a proper agreement with the client.

To move ahead with my HR consultancy and recruitment business, I wrote a blog on “How to Start an HR Consultancy Company”, which received great reviews by readers. The blog post was read by more than one-lakh people and was shared on various other sites. My happiness seems no bound on realizing the fact that my thoughts and views have been appreciated by so many people and I am successful in sharing my experience with others.

From second year onward i.e. the year 2010, I researched a lot and tried multiple things in order [...]

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Wish you all Happy Independence day

We  GS Job Point wish Happy Independence day to all our blog readers and Indian friends. Independence day is not just a holiday its more than day. So, Enjoy the  day and feel proud that you are an Indian. We also wish to convey on this occasion that try to be honest towards your country, do your duties honestly and help the people who need your help. Every bit counts in building this country a better place. Enjoy life to the fullest and help others to enjoy them as well.

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May All your dreams turn into Reality- Happy New year

GS Job Point wishing you all a very happy new year. may this new year all your dreams turn into reality and all your hard efforts into great achievement.Keep smiling….

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Every business domain has a common objective to build a solid customer base and look for growth. With technology era and digital platforms around us communication has become one of the crucial and effective tools to reach target audience.
One can easily take advantage of social media with strategic approach and marketing techniques. So, let us look at some of the tips and techniques to better utilize social media platforms and reach potential customers.
Be visible:  Out of sight is out of mind; so it is very important to be visible. If you wish you reach your customers, you need to be visible with regular interactions on social media platforms with blogs, article, sharing market trends etc.
Be proactive: Be present everywhere at right time; timing is the key. Understand what your customer may look for, what is to their interest, what kind of information can help them in better decision making. If you proactively bring the best information across them, you have a great chance to be one of the preferred vendors.
Try to engage them on most popular platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to name a few.
Facebook: An amazing platform to keep your potential leads engaged  with amazing content, initiate polls, create open groups to share information, sent event invites etc. One can also run Facebook Ad Campaigns as well to penetrate the target audience.
YouTube: Videos are one of the major influencing factors in decision making, people tend to remember the videos with crisp content addressing the product/ service values or benefits to its customers. Make appealing videos and reach audience in almost no time. Keep sharing webinars and corporate videos in regular intervals.
LinkedIn: One of the most professional platforms [...]

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